The first lesson at Stageskool is FREE and if you decide that you would like to join us, fees are then paid monthly in advance.

There are no hidden fees as all additional costs such as costume hire and extra rehearsals for shows are spread across the year and have been included in the monthly payment.

The Monthly fee covers:

  • Each 3 hour weekly session during the month
  • All show days
  • All costumes for the shows, we provide everything which takes the expense and time away from the parents – many other theatre schools charge a costume hire fee as well as asking you to source your own costumes
  • Any extra rehearsals leading up to shows – again, other theatre schools charge extra for each rehearsal.

Uniform is not covered by the monthly fee must be paid for separately. Click here for details.

The monthly fee per student is payable by standing order with siblings of older students receiving a 20% discount.


  •  Main Theatre School £68.00 per month
    • Sibling £54.40
  • LAMDA – £20.00 per month
    • Sibling £15.00