Join us for a Free Taster Session between the
3rd and 7th of September

A great opportunity to get a taste of what we do at Stageskool.  Book your born performer in to try our Singing, Acting and Dance classes, meet our warm and welcoming team and meet new performing friends keen to start at the same time.

Its 100% free too so you can try with confidence!

For Ages 2 to 18 years at locations in Portsmouth, Fareham and Gosport – perfect for:

  • People who have thought about joining us but have not yet been for a trial class.
  • Children and teenagers who might be nervous and would like to try before joining.
  • Meeting the Stageskool Team (who will be bringing cake).
  • Anyone who would like to see if Stageskool is the right place for them.
  • Meeting others who, just like you, will be new to stageskool.

From 4 to 18 Years

Stageskool students rotate through sessions in Singing, Acting and Dance taught by qualified and experienced teachers and professionals from industry and the West End.

Our singing lessons have a fresh, modern approach to vocals. They’re great fun and we aim to get the very best out of every student’s voice, developing technique and repertoire and covering both popular music and musical theatre.

Our dance classes develop flexibility, physical strength and co-ordination. We teach a variety of dance genres including; Modern, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary and Street. Choreography is sympathetic to the individual student’s or group’s talents whilst pushing their boundaries in order to develop new skills and stage presence.

Our Drama and Acting classes are designed to develop the skills necessary to communicate dramatic text to an audience, projecting an inner confidence and a physical presence with confident speech and vocal delivery. Classes explore scripted and improvised work in various genres to prepare students by developing a strong speaking voice and good memory skills by learning and performing monologues and duologues.

Join Stageskool Theatre Arts

Pre-school Classes

Classes run through the week at different venues

For ages 2 to 4. An exciting combination of Dance and Musical Theatre specially designed to have the right amount of learning and play which allows us to maximize learning and development while also inspiring children to love performing and develop creativity and self-confidence..

Parents are encouraged to give their child independence by stepping back and watching their child enjoy and thrive in the fun and stimulating environment but always on hand if needed.

From 2 to 4 Years

Classes for our youngest performers at venues near you

Classes combine Musical Theatre with different dance genres to actively engage children and parents alike. We have devised our own syllabus based on our knowledge and understanding of preschool children ensuring all ages are active, included, stimulated, gaining in confidence and ultimately having fun.

What Our Parents Say

My son attends Stageskool since it opened in Portsmouth. He really enjoys it and is gaining a lot of experience in dance, tap, singing and acting. He has taken part in shows and competitions. The Manager and Teachers are all very friendly, experienced and professional. Most importantly “He has found his tribe; where he feels he belongs.” ♡♡


George’s Mum

Asked if Amy enjoued her free trial Hannah sent this reply:

She loved it and told me all about it. The first time in a year she actually felt like she was my daughter again. Lockdown has really made her anxious and all her confidence and enthusiasm just went and although she was unsure about it, I said if you don’t like it you don’t have to go again just try and I’m so glad I did x


Amy’s Mum

Stageskool has given my boy so much more confidence and has just taken part in his first show to showcase the skills they have learned so far. He loved it and has awoken some passion inside him which is really great to see. Great teachers and understand each child’s talent and know how much to push each child. every child had a massive smile on there face after there performance.


Jake’s Dad

Our Taster Sessions are a great way for your child to meet others just like them!

Its 100% free!