Theatre School

Stageskool students rotate through sessions in Singing, Acting and Dance taught by qualified and experienced teachers and professionals from industry and the West End. Theatre School classes last for 3 hours. Classes are split roughly by age into; Juniors – 4 to 7 years, Inters – 8 to 11 years and Seniors 11 to 18.

From 4 Years

For our younger students, we offer a shorter session at a discounted price until they’re ready to stay for the full 3 Hours. They still do all of the same things, with all the fun and excitement but the shorter session helps with concentration and building confidence.

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What Our Parents Say

My son attends Stageskool since it opened in Portsmouth. He really enjoys it and is gaining a lot of experience in dance, tap, singing and acting. He has taken part in shows and competitions. The Manager and Teachers are all very friendly, experienced and professional. Most importantly “He has found his tribe; where he feels he belongs.” ♡♡


George’s Mum

Asked if Amy enjoued her free trial Hannah sent this reply:

She loved it and told me all about it. The first time in a year she actually felt like she was my daughter again. Lockdown has really made her anxious and all her confidence and enthusiasm just went and although she was unsure about it, I said if you don’t like it you don’t have to go again just try and I’m so glad I did x


Amy’s Mum

Stageskool has given my boy so much more confidence and has just taken part in his first show to showcase the skills they have learned so far. He loved it and has awoken some passion inside him which is really great to see. Great teachers and understand each child’s talent and know how much to push each child. every child had a massive smile on there face after there performance.


Jake’s Dad