Anxiety Whilst On The Stage

Some people feel very comfortable when acting, singing, and dancing on stage for an audience, while others are scared stiff just at the thought of it. Anxiety on the stage is fairly common, especially if you are new to the theatre or performing arts. Fortunately, however, there are some ways to overcome your anxiety and get control of your nerves whilst on the stage.

Ways To Relieve Anxiety When Acting, Singing, Or Dancing On Stage

Be Knowledgeable- you need to know your stuff before performing on the stage. If you are eager to show off your talent, you won’t feel too nervous. Spend time learning about your part and your craft. You will be much more confident in front of the audience.

Practice- practice as often as you can before the performance. You can do it in front of the mirror or on stage with others. Gradually improve your skills as you practice your lines or song.

Think About Worst Case Scenario- if positive self-talk isn’t enough, think about the worst thing that can happen on stage. You will realise that the worst-case scenario is fairly tolerable and it isn’t that bad. This realisation should calm your nerves.

Visualise What Happens On Stage- do a simple meditation and visualisation to know what you want and expect. Visualise that you are performing your part with intelligence, confidence, warmth, and skill.

Do It For The Audience- instead of doing it for personal glory, try to give something meaningful to the audience. Focus on your content and make sure people get real value from your performance.

Be Aware Of Things That Can Go Wrong- in spite of your careful preparation, something may still go wrong. The lighting or sound system may stop working. If something goes wrong, you need to stop stressing over it and know that there is typically someone already working to find a solution.

Arrive Early- you will have heightened anxiety if you arrive just a few minutes before the performance. Arrive 30 minutes early, so you can have a moment to sit down and acclimatise. Find a quiet place, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and visualise good results. If your muscles are tight and stiff, you can spend a few minutes doing some light stretching exercises.

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